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Situated in the heart of the Medieval town of Rhodes island, Saray is an ideal outpost of cultural heritage. This authentic ottoman mansion from 1901 became the spark of inspiration when turning it into a new residential experience for the world explorers to discover. Embedded in luxury, the spaces in Saray are intended to make visitors feel as if they are living in an historical ottoman mansion grounded with the authenticity of the Rhodian culture.

Ensconced with protective walls, a sacred entrance with pebbled floor, “katrani” wood brought from Turkey and the lavish hand-painted ceiling are the details that that reflect on the estate that once stood in its place.

The handcrafted mansion, consisting of one individual apartment, 4 private bedrooms and three bathrooms, which can be rented as a whole villa or per room. Our vision is to bring together travellers from around the world that are searching for an inaccessible and invaluable place that no common passer-by might encounter.


A hidden garden to discover and indulge, a balanced and alluring space, come in and meet our Saray restaurant! In this unspoiled natural setting our visitors can experience an extraordinary gastronomic journey.


From yacht tours to rejuvenating massage and off-road adventures, Saray offers an extensive collection of elevating experiences and leisure options to make your stay even more enhancing. Our concierge service has the most sought-after walking guides, sommeliers, chefs and captains ready to provide, by aiming the most personalised service our team will make all arrangement to your exciting adventure. Due to limited availability a reservation in advance is suggested.


Our people have designed an array of on-site offerings to ensure that our visitors benefit from while staying at Saray. To fully live the Rhodian experience, these celebrations are build around quality, service and experience. Due to limited availability a reservation in advance is suggested. All happenings are offered at a supplemented cost and our concierge service will guide you towards choosing your unique experience that matches your taste and expectations.

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